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Οσα η καρδια μου στην καταιγιδα

Tempestuous Desires of my Heart -οσα η καρδια μου στην καταιγιδα

Tempestuous Desires of my Heart blends Cretan folk lyricism with an abstract and modern setting in an attempt to find an answer to the forever unanswerable question: “What is love?”. A boy, a woman, a mother and a man try to set a definition, forgetting that the first love is a force that cannot be constrained, let alone understood.

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GΚΙΑΚ – Γκιακ

«Filth is not filth everywhere. In other words, if you see a plougher covered in sludge in a church, you’d call him filthy. But if you see him covered in sludge in a field, you’d call him worthy», says the soldier turned knocker once the war is over. A seemingly simple utterance, which turns out to be the basis of …

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The Backyard Of Miracles

The Backyard of Miracles – Η Αυλη των Θαυματων

Between the old walls, an iron staircase, a few pots of flowers and a mattress for bed, one wonders what the miracle is. Iakovos Kambanellis’ play, The Backyard of Miracles, gives the opportunity to the Greek audience to stand in front of its own lives and history, and eventually find the answer to this question.

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Ρώσικη Επανάσταση

Russian Revolution – Ρωσικη Επανασταση

On 25 October 1917, the whole world stood still, watching as a crowd of armed citizens gathered outside of Petrograd’s Winter Palace, waiting for the order to change their society once and for all. 100 years later, we find ourselves in a post-revolutionary landscape filled to the brim with nostalgic icons of the glorious past. But was the Russian Revolution …

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Israfil's Trumpet

Israfil’s Trumpet

After almost a month full of events, performances and workshops, the end is nigh for the Dimitria Festival. But before the last curtain falls, there is still much to say and much to hear. Amer Mosafer’s Israfil’s Trumpet, by Iranian writer Siavash PakrahI, is one of these last voices, dampened as it were by a series of unfortunate circumstances, both …

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Elli Chrisidou

Elli Chrisidou

«During its zenith in the 13th and 14th centuries, Thessaloniki was awash with art workshops, art schools and educational centres, acquiring fame as a megalopolis in every sense of the word across the Balkan Peninsula. This acme was interrupted by the seven-year siege of the city by the Ottomans between 1422 and 1430, which culminated in the occupation of the …

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