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Dimitris Maramis: Erotokritos – Δημητρης Μαραμης: Ερωτοκριτος

For three days only, the first musical from the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera, a «work full of powerful melodies based on Cornaro’s masterpiece», Erotokritos, will be in town at Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall, reminding us of all those who loved despite hate, war and, most importantly of all, differences.

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Nerium Park

Nerium Park – Νεριουμ Παρκ

RiSko Theatre Company brings to the Greek audience Catalan playwright Josep María Miró’s reflection of the world in a raindrop, Nerium Park, a psychological thriller that brilliantly investigates the nuts and bolts of a couple as well as today’s social paranoia, weaving a dramatic web so thick that represents a challenge for any actor.

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H Πρασινη Γατα

Τhe Green Cat – Η Πρασινη Γατα

A girl goes to the club on a Saturday night and never arrives back home. This is the simple premise on which director Yiannis Paraskevopoulos is called to work on by Kozani’s Municipal and Regional Theatre, a sadly notorious and topical drama (both in the West and the East) that would need a deeper, wider and more pungent reflection than …

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Dorian Gray

Dancers of the North: The Picture of Dorian Gray – Χορευτες του Βορρα: Το Πορτρετο του Ντοριαν Γκρει

For three days only, the Dancers of the North present their new production to Thessaloniki’s audience, retelling the well-known tale of Dorian Gray in a new, affected guise that does not do justice to Oscar Wilde’s acute analyses of a Victorian society that still resembles our own despite this monster we call Progress.

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Da – Ντα

New year, new collaborations. The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents Hugh Leonard’s Da as seen by Dimosthenis Papadopoulos, nurturing great expectations (and great support by the Greek National Tourism Organization for the new English super-titling programme) for a «child’s song full of naivety. A child’s song that hurts us», but that does not leave a mark.

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The bitter tears of Petra Von Kant

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant – Τα Πικρα Δακρυα της Πετρα φον Καντ

Thirty years after its first appearance on Greek stages, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant by Rainer Werner Fassbinder returns in the country with a double direction that struggles to breathe new life into this iconic play about gender, power and the inevitability of pain in a world based on possession.

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The Story Of V.m.

The Story of V.M. – A Man with a Yellow Blouse – Η ιστορια του Β.Μ. – ενος ανθρωπου με κιτρινη μπλουζα

With a series of presentations in various venues, directress Eleana Tsichli brings to the audience her vision of a controversial yet beloved poet of last century, giving evidence of an exquisite aesthetic sensitivity and a wise use of her actors’ many talents that scream at the top of their voice: «Hey, you! Heaven! Off with your hat! I am coming!».

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Οσα η καρδια μου στην καταιγιδα

Tempestuous Desires of my Heart -οσα η καρδια μου στην καταιγιδα

Tempestuous Desires of my Heart blends Cretan folk lyricism with an abstract and modern setting in an attempt to find an answer to the forever unanswerable question: “What is love?”. A boy, a woman, a mother and a man try to set a definition, forgetting that the first love is a force that cannot be constrained, let alone understood.

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