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Lampedusa – Λαμπεδουζα

Athens-based Theatre of the New World boldly takes in its hands a politically charged text where two souls circumnavigate the same, dead island, looking for a speck of humanity in a paperwork ocean where dues are more important than “who”. Lampedusa, by Anders Lustgarten, washes up on Greek shores, rippling on the self-absorbed waters of Thessaloniki.

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ΝΟΣΤΟΣ (Coming Home)

Ever since Homer (and earlier still), we have been haunted by the idea of finding our way back to a forlorn place we persistently and romantically call “home”. With ΝΟΣΤΟΣ (Coming Home), Koldo Vío breaks the nostalgia-laden spell and puts in the limelight another kind of distress, in a way more violent and real: the bitterness of coming back to …

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Ελενη – Helen

The Curtain Theatre (Θέατρο Αυλαία) of Thessaloniki opens its doors to one of its most controversial late national poets, Yannis Ritsos, revived for the occasion by director Dimos Avdeliodis and actress Veroniki Argentzi, who take Ελένη (Helen) out for an excruciating stroll onto the most banal stage we’ve seen so far in Greece.

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