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H Πρασινη Γατα

Τhe Green Cat – Η Πρασινη Γατα

A girl goes to the club on a Saturday night and never arrives back home. This is the simple premise on which director Yiannis Paraskevopoulos is called to work on by Kozani’s Municipal and Regional Theatre, a sadly notorious and topical drama (both in the West and the East) that would need a deeper, wider and more pungent reflection than …

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Israfil's Trumpet

Israfil’s Trumpet

After almost a month full of events, performances and workshops, the end is nigh for the Dimitria Festival. But before the last curtain falls, there is still much to say and much to hear. Amer Mosafer’s Israfil’s Trumpet, by Iranian writer Siavash PakrahI, is one of these last voices, dampened as it were by a series of unfortunate circumstances, both …

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Our Secrets

Our Secrets

Budapest, Hungary, 1980, Eastern bloc. The Socialist Workers’ Party is in power, and everyday life has to find its way among a police state, spies, self-publishing dissidents and a culture that is not willing to be vanquished by communist censorship. Our Secrets by the Béla Pintér and Company gives us a bittersweet look on those yellowed days with a very …

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