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Thessaloniki Concert Hall

The Great Chimera

The Great Chimera – Η Μεγαλη Χιμαιρα

After more than 300 shows around Greece throughout the years, Dimitris Tarlow’s take on his grandfather and renowned writer M. Karagatsis’ novel The Great Chimera arrives in Thessaloniki with a new set design that dazzles an easily awe-struck audience while hardly bringing anything worth of notice to the table.

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το σπιτι

Home – Το Σπιτι

Inured by solipsistic plays highlighting the greatness of a society that always struggled to reach the stars of the glorious past with its feet firmly stuck in the mud, Thessaloniki theatregoers finally have a rare chance to bite into a sour yet nourishing piece of art that will leave them speechless and sated for a long time. Home by Virginia …

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Dimitris Maramis: Erotokritos – Δημητρης Μαραμης: Ερωτοκριτος

For three days only, the first musical from the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera, a «work full of powerful melodies based on Cornaro’s masterpiece», Erotokritos, will be in town at Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall, reminding us of all those who loved despite hate, war and, most importantly of all, differences.

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Dorian Gray

Dancers of the North: The Picture of Dorian Gray – Χορευτες του Βορρα: Το Πορτρετο του Ντοριαν Γκρει

For three days only, the Dancers of the North present their new production to Thessaloniki’s audience, retelling the well-known tale of Dorian Gray in a new, affected guise that does not do justice to Oscar Wilde’s acute analyses of a Victorian society that still resembles our own despite this monster we call Progress.

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The joining link between Vader and Kind, Moeder is the latest and as of yet cruellest play by Belgian dance company Peeping Tom. Set in a violently intimate cabinet of curiosities, this disquieting mixture of theatre and dance ponders on the monstrosity of being mother in this «very sad day» that is our today, where dust is the only sane …

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