«The Nature of love in Shakespeare»

Teatro Vascello and Link Academy, European Academy of Dramatic Arts, present to their public one of the most famous Shakespeare’ s dramas: A midsummer night’s dream. Love, magic, dream and deceit are the ingredients of this masterpiece, acted by the performers in motherlanguage, in order to let untouched the beauty of the original verses. So, you have only to sit, watch and dream…

Once there was to be a Royal Wedding in Athens… This was for Theseus, Duke of the City and Hippolyta. While they were discussing their wedding plans, a citizen of the Duke Egeus came complaining that his daughter Hermia would not marry Demetrius because she was in love with someone else – and the object of her affection was Lysander. This is the incipit of the main plot. The rest is up to you to discover.
The performance at Teatro Vascello is basic: the choice for fitting is essential; the stage is empty and there is no stage designing.  The actors dress some sort of pijamas and socks and, in general, the costumes are very simple. The main focus for director and performers is the text . The accent is on an ironic interpretation of the drama, humorously and comic. No music in, but some rare and short gingles traced by soundtracks of films and famous tv programs, that increase the funny stuff of the performance.
All in all, a very interesting and innovative way to translate Shakespearian atmospheares, that has conquered the public – and gifted a smile to all of us who are longing for a never ending dream.

Lo spettacolo è andato in scena:
Teatro Vascello

via Giacinto Carini, 78 – Roma
martedì 13 febbraio, ore 21.00

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
di William Shakespeare
regia Douglas Dean
con Krysztof Bulzacki Bogucki, Valentina Bonci, Camilla Dania, Douglas Dean, Angelo Esposito, Elena Galassi, Marta Gandini, Maury Incen, Sara Laurenti, Rishad Noorani, Chiara Onori, Basilio Pappadà, Vincenzo Pezzopane, Pierfrancesco Scannavino and Maya Vassallo


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