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The Events

The Events – Τα Γεγονοτα

Inspired by the massacre of 69 people by Anders Breivik in 2011 in Norway, Daniel Greig’s work The Events (2013) attempts at grasping the...
Χριστός Κολόμβος

Who Discovered America? – Ποιος Ανακαλυψε την αμερικη;

As many theatres around the world do, so does the NTNG offer a series of online shows in these trying times, forcing us to...
Ο τραπεζίτης κερδίζει πάντα δύο φορές

The Banker Always Wins Twice – Ο τραπεζιτης κερδιζει παντα δυο...

The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents the political comedy of Spanish playwrights Ignacio del Moral and Ernesto Caballero, The Banker Always Wins Twice,...
ο μεγαλοπρεπής κερατάς

The Magnificent Cuckold – Ο Μεγαλοπρεπης Κερατας

The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents its new big production The Magnificent Cuckold by Fernand Crommelynck, from Friday 17th January at the Royal...
Kalakuta Republik

Kalakuta Republik

Inspired by Fela Kuti, the Nigerian composer, saxophonist, orchestrator, political activist and founder of the afrobeat, Serge Aimé Coulibaly presents a performance during which...
Teatro Delusio

Teatro Delusio

The backstage is in shambles, the show is almost ready to start. Three technicians maladroitly mess about at the cables and trunks behind the...
Το Σπήλαιο

The Cave – Το Σπηλαιο

The «highly acclaimed company of performance artists» of the ODC Ensemble lands in Thessaloniki with its latest “shocking” and “thought-provoking” creation, The Cave, only...
What's The Word Claire?

Real Magic

Three actors, a handful of lines and an endless performance: Real Magic plays a trick on the audience, more philosophical than magical, and holds...
Ιφιγένεια η εν Αυλίδι

Iphigenia in Aulis – Ιφιγενεια η εν Αυλιδι

The National Theatre of Northern Greece knocks once again at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival’s doors with a play by Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis,...
Ο Έλεφας

The Elephant – Ο Ελεφας

Screams, insults, threats and clenched fists make the air of the Studio Theatre of the Lazaristes Monastery buzz with violence and, contextually, laughter, keeping...


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