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Remembering that it is possible to sign a membership card (only 5 euro per year!) with which you have discounts and free passes in many theatres in Italy, we would like to recommend you some of the most important dates throughout our country.

Starting from Rome, Teatro Argotpresents Alan Sillitoe’s The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (until May 12), while from May 14 to 26 is on stage Suerte (written, directed and performed by Alessio di Clemente, from the homonymous novel by Giulio Laurenti). At Teatro Vascello (20% discount) continues up to May 12 L’arma – How Long is now, with Giorgio Colangeli, Andrea Bosca and Mariachiara Di Mitri. On May 14 and 15 Teatro Persona presents Aure, with Valentina Salerno, Francesco Pennacchia and Chiara Michelini, directed by Alessandro Serra, while from May 17 to 19 it will be the turn of Lightblack, where eight different performers will share the same stage (direction by Andrea De Magistris and Giovanna Vicari). Finally, from May 21 to 23 Manuela Kustermann will perform as soloist in Saffo o il Volo dell’Acrobata (Sappho or the Acrobat Flight), inspired by Marguerite Yourcenar’s Fires and directed by Massimo Greenish. At Teatro Eliseo (21% discount) from May 7 to 26 Monica Guerritore is Oriana Fallaci in Mi chiedete di parlare (You ask me to speak), written and directed by the same Guerritore, whereas at Piccolo Teatro Eliseo (21% discount) from May 7 to 19 Isabella Ragonese is the star of Dennis Kelly’s Taking care of baby, directed by Fabrizio Arcuri and from May 24 to 26Love is a wonderful thing, written by Antonio Tarantino and directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah, with Ivana Monti and Laura Pasetti will close the season “Esequie Solenni”. At Teatro Belli (a free ticket for one paid) is on stage up to May 12 I, Ludwig van Beethoven, written, directed and starring Corrado D’Elia. From May 14 to 26 Alberto Oliva directs Confession (from Dostoevskij’s Demons), adapted by and starring Mino Manni.
Moving to Milan, let’s start with Teatro Franco Parenti (30% discount on the full price and 50% for groups of minimum 10 people) where from May 9 to 19 is on stage Harold Pinter’s A kind of Alaska with Sara Bertelà; from May 11 to 18, Tfaddal (Welcome to those who were not born yet), thirteen variations of Hamlet from the new generation, while from May 21 to 24 May and from May 27 to 30 Laiv Action, Festival of performing arts live workshops. Teatro della Cooperativa (ticket: 13 €) presents Mothers. Concert of mistakes and intimacy, with Francesca Albanian, Silvia Baldini, Swewa Schneider and Laura Valli (from May 10 to 12). From May 20 to June 1st national debut of Communicating doors, a comedy thriller by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Marco Rampoldi. We would also like to remind, at Teatro Studio Expo from May 9 to 19 Othello Spritz with Bebo Storti, written and directed by Renato Sarti. Finally, at Teatro degli Arcimboldi (discount 10-50% depending on the show) we signal from May 10 to 12, Siddhartha. The Musical and on Tuesday, May 14, Gigi Proietti and the Orchestra “I Pomeriggi Musicali” in Pierino e il Lupo… e molto altro! (Peter and the Wolf… and much more!).
In Tuscany, we highly recommend for Fabbrica Europa 2013, Residenza Creativa with Anatolij Vasil’ev (from May 8 to June 1st at Teatro Era in Pontedera – only some of the working sessions will be open to the public. Reservations required, limited seating).
At Teatro Fabbricone and Teatro Fabbrichino in Prato from May 10 to 12 is on stage Memories of a slave – a Gigi Di Luca project with Pamela Villoresi.
Last but not least, in Bologna, at Teatri di Vita national debut on May 24 of Bernard-Marie Koltès’ Quai Ouest, directed by Andrea Adriatico with Anna Amadori and Gabriele Duma.


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