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The Story Of V.m.

The Story of V.M. – A Man with a Yellow Blouse – Η ιστορια του Β.Μ. – ενος ανθρωπου με κιτρινη μπλουζα

With a series of presentations in various venues, directress Eleana Tsichli brings to the audience her vision of a controversial yet beloved poet of last century, giving evidence of an exquisite aesthetic sensitivity and a wise use of her actors’ many talents that scream at the top of their voice: «Hey, you! Heaven! Off with your hat! I am coming!».

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20170913 Oidipodas2

Oedipus Tyrannus – Οιδιπους Τυραννους

In the context of the 1st Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe Ancient Drama and Politics, Tracing Limits and Possibilities, director Giorgos Kolovos gives a contemporary spin to Sopochles’ Oedipus Tyrannus, building a bridge between Thebes’ governance and today’s heads of state, asking out loud: «Does the contemporary political situation permit such leaders?». The answer seems to get lost …

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