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Ο τραπεζίτης κερδίζει πάντα δύο φορές
The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents the political comedy of Spanish playwrights Ignacio del Moral and Ernesto Caballero, The Banker Always Wins Twice, a belated catharsis on the Mediterranean economic crisis that scourged both Greece and Spain alike, thus bringing to Thessaloniki’s audience the palliative illusion of companionship...


For a three-day hit-and-run, the Athenian Theatre OLVIO lands in Thessaloniki with its version of Jordi Galceran’s Fuita (here FUGA, a very risky choice of words given the nationalist stance of the playwright), a condemnation of political and social corruption dated 1998 imbued with clichés, wisecracks and mordant lampoon. Immaginate...