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Υπηρέτησ δύο Αφεντάδων
The absurd, in its strongest and absolute form, enters stage left and does not scare. On the contrary, it transports the audience in an easier world where all knots come loose, placing us right in the middle of great comic theatre – a joyful ode to liberation and happy...
Russian Revolution – ΡΩΣΙΚΗ ΕΠΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗ
On 25 October 1917, the whole world stood still, watching as a crowd of armed citizens gathered outside of Petrograd’s Winter Palace, waiting for the order to change their society once and for all. 100 years later, we find ourselves in a post-revolutionary landscape filled to the brim with...
20170913 Oidipodas2
In the context of the 1st Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe Ancient Drama and Politics, Tracing Limits and Possibilities, director Giorgos Kolovos gives a contemporary spin to Sopochles’ Oedipus Tyrannus, building a bridge between Thebes’ governance and today’s heads of state, asking out loud: «Does the contemporary...


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